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Health and Wellness @ RCC

Resources and activities to support a healthy lifestyle

"Moment in Time" RCC 2-Mile Run/Walk, October 16, 2018

President's Race October 2018 image


Start of President's Race October 2018






Walkers in the President's Race October 2018

Leaders of the Pack President's Race October 2018

1st Place Women President's Run October 2018

High Five for Women's 1st place winner

2nd Place Winner Women President's Race October 2018

1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners President's Race October 2018

All winners President's Race October 2018


Photos by Jay Casper used by permission

30 x 3 Benefit

RCC Team,

On behalf of the Health and Wellness Committee, we would like to share this incredible opportunity with all of you.

On June 23, 2016, the Health and Wellness Committee came together to develop some wellness and fitness goals for the coming year of 2016-2017.

One of these goals was to ask the Senior Leadership Team to support our recommendation of allowing additional time for all employees who choose to participate in exercise while at work, to have an additional 30 minutes to exercise three times weekly. Yes, you are getting an additional hour and half per week to workout!

In an effort to pilot this awesome opportunity, we have established the following parameters:

In order to utilize the 30 minute benefit:

  • you are to stay on-campus for your exercise;
  • the time should include changing of clothes;
  • have your supervisor approve the time; and
  • the time should not interfere with job assignments or duties.

Exercise and wellness events have proven to build relationships, reduce stress, promote healthy eating, and improve job performance.

Please join your fellow employees who have already begun to exercise on campus and promote a healthier lifestyle!

Marissa Mills' First 5k Run












Marissa Mills' first 5k after shoulder surgery and losing 20 pounds on The Next 56 Days.


Wellness Center

NEW Stationary Bike!

  • donated by Jamie Almond
  • located in the yoga room
  • arms move while biking for more upper body movement and strength



RCC Gym Logo








RCC Gym Equipment 1