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Faculty Resources

Hours & Contact Information

Monday- Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Friday 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


Library Web site

Phone: 336-633-0204

Text: 336-308-8801

Checking Out Materials & Using Computers

  • Students must have their student ID to use library computers and check out materials. Faculty may request a computer login/password and a library account to borrow library materials.
  • Book loans are 3 weeks
  • Periodicals (magazines, journals, newspapers) can only be used in the library.
  • The Library has 23 computers equipped with Windows 10 & MS Office 2016; the Library Computer Lab has 28 computers with Windows 10 & MS Office 2016.
  • Black & white computer printouts cost $.05 each and color printouts cost $.20 each for students. 
  • Photocopies cost $.10 each.
  • Curriculum students are given $5.00 in a virtual printing account each semester.

Student Research

  • Students can make an appointment with a professional librarian using the Book-a-Librarian (opens in a new window) service.
  • Students can also get research help
    • in the the library on the first floor of the LRC
    • by e-mailing
    • the "Ask a Librarian" chat box
    • calling 336-633-0204
    • or texting 336-308-8801


  • Get your RCC Library account at the service desk.

  • Use your MyRCC username and password to access library databases off-campus.


Q. What types of instruction can you provide to my class?

Library instruction (opens in a new window) is a major component of the library's Information Literacy Program (opens in a new window) and ranges from an orientation tour of resources and services to detailed instruction in the use of specific databases and a Moodle Research 101 (opens in a new window) course. Instruction can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your class. Email Andrea Chase to schedule library instruction.

Q. May I bring my class to the library to do research?

We welcome classes to the library to do research, use print and electronic resources, and receive assistance from library staff; however, space is very limited, especially during the mornings and through lunch (few available seats or computers). Here are options you may want to consider to make certain your students have a positive experience:

  • Always notify us before bringing a class to the library and include the name of the class and number of students.
  • Remind students that a College ID is required for the use of most library services, including book checkout and reserve materials checkout.
  • If your class meets during the first half of the day, we recommend that you invite a librarian to come to your classroom to provide instruction and/or work with and answer questions your students may have about their research. If student computers are not available in your classroom, we recommend you place a Kace request to reserve a laptop cart or a computer lab.
  • Structure your course so that student research is done individually outside the classroom and make sure to communicate to your students that librarians are ready and willing to assist them individually.

Q. May I bring my class to the library to use the computers?

  • Library computers are available for individual and small group work and research. However, the library is not designed to function as a computer classroom.   
  • Walk-ins normally fill up most of the computers during the mornings and during lunch. We urge you to book a computer classroom IF your students will only be using computers.
  • If your students are going to need assistance in using a variety of library resources, we will do our best to accommodate the needs of your class IN the library, but we need to prepare with you in advance.

Q. So if the library can’t accommodate my class if they all need to use computers, what about using the Library Computer Lab?

  • The Library Computer Lab is an open lab that is available to individual students. It is not designed for classroom-type instruction. 
  • The Training Area has 10 computers and can be reserved for small group work or small training sessions during non-peak lab use. To reserve the Training Area, e-mail or call 336-633-0204.

Q. Everything students need for research is on the Web, so why do they need to use the library?

  • While there is a wealth of information on the web, few substantive materials are on the Internet for free, and quality control is fairly non-existent.
  • Phishing, identity theft, Internet scams--just as those things can seem deceptively real, they can cause many headaches. Student research is only as good as the sources used, and it can be difficult to distinguish the difference between a bad source and a scholarly one, especially if you are just getting started in research. 
  • In addition to providing a gateway to NC LIVE databases, the library licenses a number of subject-specific databases with full-text articles from scholarly journals and other reliable sources. The library also purchases print books that supplement material taught in the classroom. We provide all types of resources, because we believe it is an important part of every student’s education to be exposed to a variety of resources–particularly those students who will be continuing their education at a college or university.

Q. I want my students to only use real library resources–not ”Internet sources.” 

  • Many real library resources are available via an Internet connection, but are not available on the "free" Web--these are resources the library purchases to be used by RCC students, faculty, and staff. Library online databases and electronic books can be accessed 24/7 through the library's website.
  • Databases and electronic books are every bit a part of the library's collection as the books and periodicals on the shelves.

Q. I have some materials that I would like my students to use, but I want to restrict the use. Can the library help me?

Materials can be placed on closed reserve (meaning they can only be checked out for use in the library) or on reserve checkout (time specified by instructor) by emailing

Here are a couple of things to remember when placing materials on reserve:

  • Make sure the reserve checkout period is reasonable for the number of students in your classes. 
  • Observe all copyright laws (opens in a new window)

Jenny Thomas

Director of Library Services
Electronic Services Librarian
Phone: 336-633-0204

General library services/policies, archives, cataloging; Technical liaison for all library technology, archives, research assistance, library instruction, evening operations

Donna Windish
Instructional Services Librarian
Phone: 336-633-0204
Research assistance, reference materials, library instruction, reserves policies, copyright

Darla Richardson
Technical Services Assistant

Phone: 336-633-0272
Book orders and processing