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RCC Archives, Special Collections, and College History

The Archives Collection includes manuscripts, records, publications, photographs, art, and memorabilia related to the history of the institution.

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Randolph Community College Archives and Special Collections is the official repository of records of historical significance or continuing value for Randolph Community College and the guide to its past. Institutional records of historical significance or continuing value will be retained and preserved to document the history and development of the College from its inception to the present day. The aim is to develop an authentic collection of historical materials on all aspects of the College’s significance and impact on its community, state, and nation. 

About the Archives Collection

College Archives are defined as all institutional records and materials of historical significance or continuing value about Randolph Community College from its inception to the present day. The aim is to collect, preserve, and make available for research those records and materials that are of historical value.

The collection development policy for the RCC Archives Collection is based on the Society of American Archivists’ Guidelines for College and University Archives.  The RCC Archives relies on the support and cooperation of RCC administrators, faculty, staff, and students to ensure that records of permanent value are collected and preserved.

Through its collections the archives promotes an awareness of the diverse history and culture of RCC and its role in Randolph County and beyond.

The RCC College Archives was established as part of the Public Retention and Disposition Schedule adopted by the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges. For a comprehensive list of all policies regarding the Public Retention and Disposition Schedule see the North Carolina Government Records Branch website

"Provisions should be made for carefully preserving the records that are scheduled for permanent preservation... records that are necessary for long-range administrative and research purposes. It is advisable to collect such records... in a single place designated as the Community College or Institution Archives."  --Public Records Retention and Disposition Schedule; Oct 30, 1986 Revision

"Note: Colleges that do not have an Archives should establish an Archives program or request that historical records be transferred to the custody of the Division of Historical Resources, Raleigh, NC for appraisal and final disposition."  --Public Records Retention and Disposition Schedule; Aug. 1, 2002 Revision 

Donating to the Archives Collection

The RCC Library is seeking contributions to expand the archives collections. The archives is a continuously growing collection that serves to represent and display the proud history of Randolph Community College and serve as a reminder of our importance to Randolph County and beyond.

Please contact Debbie Luck or Clark Adams if you have any of the following:

  • Original historically and culturally significant documents
  • College Publications
  • Photographs
  • Certificates and awards received by the college, departments, and/or individuals
  • Student, Staff, and Faculty Publications
  • Playbills, handouts, and fliers for events held at or sponsored by RCC

Anyone interested in donating to the RCC Archives Collection should read and complete the Deed of Gift form [PDF] and submit it to the Dean of Library Services.

This document formally establishes the transfer of ownership of archival materials to RCC. 

The Dean of Library Services or his/her designee will submit the completed Deed of Gift form to the Director of Development for approval according to the gifts in kind policy approved by the Board of Trustees and published in the RCC Personnel Handbook

Following notification of approval by the Director of Development, the Dean of Library Services or his/her designee will coordinate with the donor to establish physical transfer of archival materials. The Director of Development will send an acknowledgement of the gift to the donor.