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GRD 110 Typography I - Hunt

Library & web resources for the designers research assignment

Assignment: Research Designers

Purpose of Project:

To obtain knowledge of a person who developed or assisted in the development of typefaces. By researching a person who is known for his or her contributions to Advertising and Graphic Design, students will become familiar with challenges, failures, and successes that each person faced.


Research one of the type designers listed below. Each student will complete a written report and oral presentation on a different designer. You may use books, library books and/or the Internet.

Write a report using complete sentences, typed, spellchecked, including a list of sources of information. Must be in MLA style, 12 points, double-spaced, with source listings and must follow the format listed below. Paper should be a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 5 pages.


Biographical Information – Page 1 

Include the following:

  1. Photo of person if available
  2. Birth and Death (include dates and places)
  3. Education
  4. Career (include employment, projects, etc.)
  5. What events in history, trends, or styles of art might have influenced their work?
  6. How and why did they get in interested in type design?
  7. Name the of typefaces designed

Examples – Page 2

  • Include examples of the typefaces and if possible, the designer’s other work.

  • You may type out the characters as alphabets, text, or write a few sentences that include the letters.

Ex: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Sources Page – Page 3



  1. Paul Renner (Futura)
  2. Rudolf Koch (Kabel, Neuland, Wilhelm Klingspor Goticsh)
  3. Adrian Frutiger (Frutiger, Univers)
  4. Hermann Zapf (Palatino, Zapf Chancery, Zapf Dingbats, Zapfino)
  5. Neville Brody (Arcadia, 1986) 
  6. Matthew Carter (Skia, Georgia, 1993) 
  7. Eric Gill (Gill Sans, 1928 )
  8. Frederic Goudy (Copperplate, 1905; Goudy Old Style, 1915) 
  9. Tobias Frere Jones (Interstate, Gotham, Reactor)
  10. Jonathan Hoefler (Hoefler) and Herb Lubalin (Lublin)
  11. Carol Twombly (Lithos, Myriad, Adobe Caslon, Trajan)
  12. Morris Fuller Benton (Franklin Gothic, Century Schoolbook, News Gothic, Bank Gothic)
  13. Sumner Stone (Stone Sans, Stone Serif, Stone Informal, Stone Print, Cycles)
  14. Jill Bell (Gigi, Smack, Carumba, Hollyweird, Bruno, Swank)
  15. Martin Majoor (FF Scala, FF Scala Sans, Telefont, FF Seria, FF Seria Sans, FF Nexus Serif, FF Nexus Sans, FF Nexus Mix)
  16. Lucian Bernhard (Bernhard Gothic)
  17. Stephen Banham (Berber)
  18. Jackson Cavanaugh (Harriet)
  19. Dave Foster (Blanco)
  20. Veronika Burlan and Jose Scaglione (Abril, Ronnia, Karmina, Maiola)
  21. Frank Grießhammer (aka Griesshammer) (FF Quixo, Source Serif)
  22. Maria Doreuli (Chimera)
  23. Nina Stossinger (FF Ernestine, Mica)
  24. Vincent Connare (Comic Sans, Trebuchet)
  25. Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes (Lucida Sans, Lucida Console, Lucida Calligraphy)
  26. Jan Tschichold (Sabon)
  27. Claude Garamond (Garamond)
  28. Max Miedinger (Helvetica)
  29. Wolfgang Weingart (Swiss Punk)
  30. William Crouwel (New Alphabet, Gridnik)

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