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Writing Center

Consultants & Resources to help improve your writing skills

Student-specific questions

QDo I need an appointment?

         A. No. The Writing Center (WC) operates on a drop-in basis.

Q. Where is the WC?         

A. The WC is located on the 2nd floor of the LRC building, in room 214.

Q. What services does the WC provide? 

A. The WC offers assistance through each phase of the writing process--from prewriting to revision.

Q. Who works in the LRC?

            A. Full-time English faculty members and other qualified volunteers work in the WC.

Q. What should I bring?

            A. Please bring your student ID card, the assignment instructions, and any work you have completed.

Q. Can I receive help with MLA/APA?

            A. Yes. The WC staff use the most up-to-date versions of both MLA and APA.

Q. My instructor made a referral for me; what should I do?

            A. This is not punishment. Your instructor has identified a specific area of your writing that needs improving. Please come to the WC to receive one-on-one assistance.

Faculty-specific questions

Q. Can I bring my class to the WC for a brief orientation?         

A. Yes.  We ask that you schedule an appointment before bringing your class to the WC. To make an appointment, please e-mail Ms. Murphy.

Q. My student visited the WC and his/her writing assignment still contained problems.  Why? 

A. Our goal in the WC is to improve student writing for academic and career endeavors. We offer feedback to students in a peer-centered environment at any stage during the writing process. We strive to improve students’ written communication skills; however, we cannot guarantee that each student who visits the WC will leave with a perfect paper – that is not our goal.  With continued collaboration between students, faculty, and WC Staff, we become partners in helping students improve their written communication skills for future assignments.

Q. How can I encourage my students to attend the WC without creating a referral?

            A. Here are some suggestions:

- Bring your class by the WC early in the semester for an orientation. See the above question and answer to learn more about scheduling appointments for orientations.

- Include information on your syllabus about the WC.

- Encourage students to visit the Writing Center Guide (opens in a new window).

- Tell your students that you are impressed when you see their names included in the weekly e-mail from the WC, which includes each student who visited the WC that week.

- Explain to students that the WC is a resource specifically for students and is not punishment. It is staffed by full-time English faculty and other professionals who welcome students and give quality feedback on their writing assignments.