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Collection Development

General Guidelines

Selection of materials for the collection is a continuous process effected by changes in the curriculum and the publication of new materials. To assure development of a collection in accord with institutional goals, the following criteria have been established for evaluation of materials:

  1. Identified need
  2. Accuracy and objectivity
  3. Scarcity of material available on the subject
  4. Appearance in indexes, bibliographies, or professional journals
  5. Appropriateness of format
  6. Relevance to College curricula
  7. Timeliness and/or permanence
  8. Quality of writing or production
  9. Reputation and significance of author or creator
  10. Reputation and standing of publisher or producer
  11. Intended audience
  12. Price
  13. Budget
  14. Accreditation requirement
  15. Faculty recommendation
  16. Recommendation in a professionally-recognized review source

The library does not allocate specific amounts of its budget to the individual subject areas of the collection or to specific departments of the College. This allows for the accommodation of unanticipated changes in the curricula or in patron needs.