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Collection Development

Professional Library Staff

Professional library staff has the responsibility for the overall development of the library collection. Intrinsic in this charge are the following functions:

  1. Making judgments as to the completeness of the library holdings

  2. Taking the needs of the library as a whole into consideration

  3. Using survey results to plan for future collection development needs

  4. Selecting, with or without faculty consultation, materials which the librarians have identified through their public service and reference contacts and from recommendations in professionally-recognized review sources

  5. Channeling of catalogs, book reviews, and selection aids to faculty members

  6. Establishing and maintaining a climate of cooperation with faculty members

Faculty Members

Faculty members are considered subject specialists and are encouraged to recommend materials which support the instructional needs of their program areas. Recommendations may be made directly to a librarian or by using the online form found below.


Students, as the primary library users, are encouraged to contribute to the development of the collection by suggesting additions and by identifying weaknesses in the library holdings through library surveys.

The Dean of Library Services

The Dean of Library Services has the final responsibility for the development of the library collection.