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RCC Archival Collections

The Archives Collection includes manuscripts, records, publications, photographs, art, and memorabilia related to the history of the institution.

Current RCC Board of Trustees


Years of Service

F. Mac Sherrill, Chairman (7/2011-present)


John M. Freeze, Vice Chairman (7/2018-present)


James G. Gouty


T. Reynolds Lisk Jr.


Harvey C. Boone Jr.


Robert E. Morrison


Larry D. Reid


The Honorable J. Brooke Schmidly


Dr. Cynthia G. Schroder


Dr. R. Andrews Sykes


Chris L. Yow


Ezra Fracheur, SGA President (ex-officio/non-voting)


Previous Board of Trustee Members


Years of Service

*J. W. (Willie) Plummer, 1st Chairman
(10/1963-6/1968, 7/1973-6/1996)


*Cleveland Thayer, 1st Vice Chairman


*R. Lynn Albright


*Thomas A. (Cap) Johnson Jr.


*Ewing S. Millsaps


*Ernest C. Routh


Richard B. Sweeney


David Sidney Underwood


*C. Ed Hughes Jr., Chairman (7/1968-6/1973)


*Robert H. Allred


Henry H. Jordan II


*Ivey B. Luck


*Alton P. Wall


*Raeford Gaddis


*Grady Lawson


*Eddie G. Allen


*Mrs. Viola Redding


David Swann


Sen. Jerry Tillman, Chairman (7/1998-1/2003)


Wallace Garner


*John A. Melvin


*Tyler Lisk, Chairman (7/1996-6/1998)


*Robert Beane  


*J. D. Ross Jr.


Mrs. Martha Johnson


*James Coble


Frank Auman


*B. J. Lawrence


*Wallace Phillips


*Mrs. Dorothy Watkins


Mrs. Joan Redding


Ms. Carol Matney


*Marvin Caviness


Ms. Martha Judge


*J. Keith Crisco


Jack C. Lail


Elbert J. Lassiter


James P. Hill Jr.


Dr. Alan S. Luria


Robert B. Davis


Natasha D. Dowdy


James M. Campbell Jr.


Lillian B. Jordan


Fred E. Meredith


J. Harold Holmes


*Curt J. Lorimer


Shirley D. McAnulty


*Jorge A. Lagueruela