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RCC Archival Collections

The Archives Collection includes manuscripts, records, publications, photographs, art, and memorabilia related to the history of the institution.

Board Approval of Mascot and College Colors

Included in the Board of Trustees Minutes for October 30, 1980 is the following:

"President Branson reported that last year and again this year the student body voted on an official mascot and colors for the college. After last year's vote, the Advisory Council felt that the student body had not been totally involved in the voting, therefore, the Council sent the matter back to the advisor of the SGA. This year voting was held for an entire week, both day and evening students were able to cast a vote. At the end of the week, votes were tabulated and the results were the same as last year's, the Armadillo as the official mascot and Silver and Blue as the official college colors. President Branson's recommendation to the Board was that the Armadillo be the official mascot and Silver and Blue be the official colors. Following a discussion concerning this recommendation, Mr. Garner made a motion to approve the Armadillo and the colors of Blue and Silver as official college mascot and colors. The motion was seconded by Mr. Lisk and carried."

Mascot: Armadillo.

Approved 10/30/1980 by the Board of Trustees

Official College Colors

The colors of reflex blue and silver were approved 10/30/80 by the Board of Trustees.

Orange was added in 2009 along with a new logo.

Official College Mace

At the May 2014 Board of Trustees Meeting, Board Member Jorge Lagueruela presented RCC President Dr. Shackleford with the Official College Mace. Lagueruela's company, Trinity Furniture, manufactured the ceremonial staff and it was first used in the May 2014 Curriculum Graduation ceremony.

Official Seal

The Latin phrase on the RCC seal means

"He who earns the honor will bear it."

The literal translation is

"He who earns the palm will bear it."

The decision was made to use a broader translation, because it suited the application of the phrase better.

Round blue and silver symbol with large letter R in middle.