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RCC Archival Collections

The Archives Collection includes manuscripts, records, publications, photographs, art, and memorabilia related to the history of the institution.

Selection Criteria

The Archives collects materials, regardless of format, based on the following criteria:

  • Institutional materials of historical significance or continuing value
  • Non-institutional materials that provide contextual information about the history of RCC, its employees, and its relationship to the community it serves.

These materials may include official and nonofficial papers, publications, records, ephemera, artifacts, and other materials of college offices, records of administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and other organizations affiliated with Randolph Community College.

The Archives also includes institutional records that the College is required to maintain based on the North Carolina Community College Records Retention and Disposition Schedule. Items that do not clearly fall within the criteria of the RCC Archives Collection Development Policy will be considered for inclusion after review by the Dean of Library Services or his/her designee.

The RCC Archives relies on the support and cooperation of RCC administrators, faculty, staff, and students to ensure that records of permanent value are collected and preserved.

Collection Areas

Collection areas include:

  • Accreditation reports, visitations, and supporting documents
  • Audio and visual resources produced by or about the College, its students, employees, programs, services, events, and facilities
  • College event programs and promotional materials
  • College records of administrative units, instructional departments, programs, services, and student activities
  • Correspondence of historical significance or continuing value
  • Maps, blueprints, and plans of the campuses and buildings
  • Newspaper and magazine clippings highlighting RCC students, employees, programs, services, events, and facilities
  • Oral history interviews and transcripts
  • Professional and personal papers (manuscripts) that document the careers and contributions of College administrators, staff, faculty, students, and others in the College community
  • Publications created by or for the College for the purpose of marketing or information
  • Records of College committees and associations, including agendas, minutes, reports, and correspondence
  • Reports produced by the various offices and organizations of the College
  • Student organization records
  • Other areas as determined by the Dean of Library Services or his/her designee


The RCC Archives collects artifacts and 3D objects on a selective basis due to space limitations and the ongoing costs of processing, conserving, and storing these items. To be considered for inclusion in the collection, an item must either: 1. be associated with a manuscript collection or have well-documented provenance (ie. stamps associated with the Library Collection, brick from an original building, etc.); or 2. document an important aspect of the history of the college, or the faculty, staff, or student experience. 


In order to be included, the object must also

 - Be in fair condition.

 - Not pose a risk to other items in the collection. 

 - Have unique physical characteristics (different logo, special design for an event or occasion, etc).

 - Have potential for research, instruction, or exhibition


RCC Archives will limit collecting to items that can be reasonably preserved, cared for, stored, and made accessible, and reserves the right to refuse any object that it feels does not merit retention. Framed documents and photographs will typically be un-framed and treated as traditional records rather than artifacts and are not subject to this policy.

Deed of Gift

Anyone interested in donating to the RCC Archives Collection should read and complete the Deed of Gift form, available below. This document formally establishes the transfer of ownership of archival materials to RCC. After receiving the Deed of Gift form and approval from the Director of Development, library staff will coordinate with the donor to establish physical transfer of archival materials.

Library staff reserve the right to request a visit to evaluate materials before bringing them to the College Archives, and to determine whether materials will be added to the collections or discarded/returned as indicated by the donor in the Deed of Gift. Archives and Library staff cannot provide a monetary appraisal of donated materials.